Connecting companies, brands and individuals with unique spaces

We're changing the way people access and utilise commercial real estate all over their cities

Instaspace Mission - Instaspace is an online marketplace that connects businesses & professionals with great spaces in the city. We set out to make booking short term commercial space as easy, transparent and efficient as possible - for both the people looking for space and people renting out their space.

We believe that teams & individuals need access to unique & creative spaces to be truly efficient and innovative. This intersection happens everyday at Instaspace when companies, brands & businesses are able to discover, choose and book under-utilised spaces that are on the platform. Our long term goal is to connect enough people to spaces that we are able to create more efficient & sustainable cities.

Our team is growing - We want to achieve our goal of creating better, more efficient cities by building a marketplace for unique spaces that people can utilise. We strive to make discovering these spaces exciting and the booking process as seamless as possible. For space owners, we want to equip them with the tools to manage their businesses better and monetise their incredible spaces.

If you are passionate about this mission, highly motivated to succeed and excited to join us on this growth journey, please reach out. We’d love to speak with you and find out if there’s synergy.

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