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Getting Started

What is Instaspace

Instaspace is an online marketplace for listing and booking unique spaces for a variety of creative and practical uses. We connect companies, brands and individuals who need a space for productivity and creativity with locations that were previously under-utilised or unavailable to the public.

We believe that access to these spaces improves productivity and helps both businesses and individuals accomplish their goals. Be it a short or full day off-site meeting, corporate or social gathering, photoshoot or production of any kind, Instaspace is the first platform in South East Asia to connect brands & businesses with commercial property owners.

How do I browse listings and book a space?

You can browse all commercial property listings and make bookings on

Click on “Browse Spaces“ to start viewing all listings. Explore spaces you like by clicking on the specific listing. You can find information on the type of space, the type of activity you can hold and the rental rates.

To message space owners, click “Request to Book“. Leave details about the activity that you are planning to hold in the space and any other relevant details. Once the Space Owner has approved your enquiry, you will be able to chat with them to finalise details like availability, setup, and facilities provided.

Send multiple enquiries to different spaces to increase your chances of a successful booking.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account on Instaspace is fast and easy! Sign up with a valid e-mail address and password, or with your Facebook account. You can then begin making enquiries & bookings on the platform.

Whether you are a Customer or a Space Owner, it is important to present yourself in the most approachable way. This means having a complete profile with your full name and a short description of yourself along with a photo to make it easier for people to verify you.

How do I change my password or account information?

If you need to change your password or account information, you can do so by contacting us at

Instaspace Platform Basics

Why should I interact and pay via Instaspace?

Communicating and paying using the Instaspace platform is essential to ensure the safety and transparency of both Customers and Space Owners. This helps ensure that you're protected under our Terms & Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policies, Insurance Policies and other safeguards. It also makes it easy to find and reference important information like a listing's address, your communication with customers and space owners, booking details, and other useful information. We cannot provide these benefits if your booking isn’t made and paid for directly through Instaspace.

Communicating or paying off Instaspace also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

For Customers, paying through the platform ensures that:

  1. You are 100% covered in the case of any cancellations and we guarantee a full refund in the event that a Space Owner cancels your booking once payment has been made. Find out more about this in our Cancellation & Refund Policy
  2. You don’t have to worry about the accuracy and safety of our listings because we conduct background checks on spaces and owners thoroughly before allowing them on the platform.
  3. You have unlimited access to our customer support team that will guide you throughout the entire booking process and provide pre, during & post booking support.
  4. All payment is facilitated by Instaspace and we can deal directly with Space Owners on your behalf in case of any problems with the booking, space or facilities.

For Space Owners, accepting payments through Instaspace ensures that:

  1. You are 100% protected by our Instaspace general liability insurance which covers misuse and damage of property. Read about this in detail in our Terms & Conditions.
  2. You are guaranteed payment within 7 business days from the end of every month. You will also be eligible for compensation for cancelled bookings. Find out more about refunds in our Cancellation & Refund Policy
  3. You have unlimited access to our customer support team that will guide you through the process before, during and after a booking.
  4. Instaspace holds bank account & credit card information of its customers ensuring an added layer of accountability and security.

Please note that transacting off the platform is strictly prohibited and you should report any Customer or Space Owner trying to send or receive payments outside of Instaspace to our team at

Customers and Space Owners who send and receive payments outside of Instaspace will get their accounts suspended and/or banned in certain scenarios.

How does the payment system work?

All payments are facilitated online by our third-party payment provider, Braintree by PayPal.

Before making a booking as a Customer, you will need to sign up for an Instaspace account and link that account to a valid credit or debit card.

For space owners, you will need to sign up for an Instaspace account and add your bank account details before creating a listing. We will only use your bank account information to deposit payouts directly into your account within 7 business days from the end of every month.

If a Customer stays in the space beyond the booking period, the Space Owner should contact to make a report. This must be done within 48 hours of the booking taking place. We will then confirm the extra charges with the customer and deposit the additional payout into your account.

What is the Cancellation & Refund Policy?

When bookings are cancelled, it’s difficult for the space owner who has blocked out the availability of the date to find another booking especially if the cancellation is made close to the booking date.

To protect both customers and space owners, we’ve developed a clear cancellation policy that provides flexibility for customers while also providing security for space owners who have already reserved spaces for customers.

(a) Cancellations and Refunds.

  • (I) CANCELLATIONS BY CUSTOMERS. As a Customer, you may cancel any Space booking before you have made payment without further obligation. Once a Booking is confirmed by a Owner, the following cancellation and refund rules apply to Customers:
    • CANCELLATION 14 DAYS OR FEWER PRIOR TO START OF BOOKING PERIOD. Any Booking cancelled by a Customer fourteen (14) calendar days, or fewer, prior to the start of the booking is non-refundable and the Customer will be charged the entire Booking Fee in addition to the Processing Fee.
    • CANCELLATION BETWEEN 15 AND 29 DAYS PRIOR TO START OF BOOKING PERIOD. For any Booking cancelled by a Customer between fifteen (15) and twenty-nine (29) calendar days prior to the start of the license period, the Customer will be charged fifty percent (50%) of the entire Booking Fee in addition to the Processing Fee.
    • CANCELLATION 30 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO START OF LICENSE PERIOD. For any Booking cancelled by a Customer thirty (30) or more calendar days prior to the start of the booking period, the Customer will be refunded one-hundred percent (100%) of the entire Booking Fee in addition the Processing Fee.
  • In the event a Customer cancels a Booking that requires payment in the form of a refund to a Customer or Payout to a Owner, Instaspace will begin to process any applicable payments to the Customer and/or Owner in accordance with its normal payment policy.
  • Failure of a Customer to comply with the cancellation provisions of this Section 7(a) shall result in the Customer waiving his or her right to any refund and the Customer shall instead be liable for the full Transaction Amount including Processing Fees.
  • (I) CANCELLATIONS BY OWNERS. The cancellation of a confirmed Booking by a Owner requires intensive logistical support and can impact the high standard of service by which Instaspace’s platform operates. As such, in the event of any cancellation of a confirmed Booking by a Owner, Instaspace reserves the right to impose penalties on the Owner’s account including publishing an automated review indicating a cancelled Booking, and suspending or terminating the Owner’s account. A cancellation of a confirmed Booking by a Owner must be made with at least 7 calendar days’ notice. Failure to comply will result in Instaspace charging the Space Owner the entirety of the Booking Fee & Processing Fee.
For more details refer to Terms & Conditions.

For customers

Booking spaces

When will I be charged for my booking?

Your credit or debit card will only be charged the full booking amount once you’ve received an invoice from the Space Owner and made payment.

Upon confirmation of the booking, our Cancellation & Refund Policy takes effect. We highly recommend that you only make payment when you have finalised all details with Space Owners.

For more information, head over to our explanation of How does the payment system work?

How much set up time and take down time is included in the booking?

We understand that some bookings may require additional set up before the activity, and take down time after it. Do remember when planning that all bookings should include your set up and take down time. You should also note the operating hours of each space and plan your booking accordingly.

For example, if your company offsite is scheduled to start at 10am and you require an additional hour for setup of the space and registration, you should enter the “Start Date” on the enquiry form as 9am to account for the extra time you need before your activity. The same rules also apply to take down and cleaning time after the booking.

What happens if I go overtime during the booking?

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may go overtime and end up using the space longer than the booking period. When this happens, you will be charged an overtime rate as specified under the “About Space“ section for the booking you have made.

Space Owners will notify our Instaspace support team about the number of extra hours you’ve used the space for and we will send you an additional invoice with the corresponding charges. You may make payment for the overtime charges through our secure billing platform the same way you made payment for the space.

If you have questions about overtime charges you can reach out to us at

Are there any restrictions on how I can use the space?

Instaspace is a marketplace that connects brands & businesses to unique commercial properties and this depends on the respect and trust between Space Owners and Customers. Each space on the platform can be used for a variety of different activities as outlined in each individual listing. We ask that Customers choose spaces based on the activities that they are planning and make sure the space is suitable and can accommodate their needs.

We do not tolerate any illegal or inappropriate activity as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. Any violation of the terms will result in a suspension and/or termination of your Instaspace account as well as corresponding legal action where appropriate.

What happens if I damage something in the space?

As a Customer, you are responsible for leaving the space in the same condition that it was in during the start of your booking. If you damage the space or anything in it, you are required to pay in full to either repair or replace the item(s), as agreed upon in Terms & Conditions.

In case of any disputes, please contact

How do I cancel my booking?

Your booking of a space is only confirmed upon payment. If you wish to cancel your booking after payment has been made, you will need to refer to our Cancellation & Refund policy to see what penalties you may have incurred due to your cancellation.

When in doubt, you can always contact our team at

What do I do if a Space Owner cancels my booking?

While cancellations by Space Owners are extremely rare on Instaspace, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally necessitate a cancellation. If your Space Owner cancels your reservation, the transaction amount will be refunded in full and our Customer Team will do their very best to re-accommodate you, either at another listing or at a later time in the same listing.

If this happens to you, please reach out to us immediately at

For more information on cancellation and refunds, please refer to our Terms & Conditions..